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In each round, 5 sports are revealed. The coach draws 6 Clue cards. With these cards, they must make players guess 3 sports among the 5 visible ones. For each sport, the Coach plays a Clue card that can be placed in two different ways: vertically, to indicate it's a very good clue, horizontally, to indicate it's not a very good clue. Ready, set, vote! Once the three Clue cards are played, the other players will try to figure out which sport corresponds to each clue. But be careful not to rush!


• Familiar
• +8 years
• 2-6 players
• Approximately 20 minutes
• Difficulty: Easy


• Association of ideas and taking risks
• Game that suits both athletes and non-athletes
• Game changes linked to anti-doping control
• A booklet of anecdotes about the sports present in the game


• 28 Sports cards (double-sided)
• 71 Clue cards
• 6 Scoreboard cards
• 6 Flag Bearer cards
• 30 Delegation cards
• 5 Ring cards
• 1 Anti-Doping Control card
• 3 Medal cards (bronze, silver, and gold)



• Authors: Antonin Boccara / Diego Simonet

• Illustrators: Sebastian Domenech / Mariano Ayerdi

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